Is travel safe in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

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Is there much in the way of tourism in Bosnia? So maybe the war was a long time ago, but what is it like now? It seems like it could be a cool place to visit, but I would want to know I was safe. I'll be spending six months teaching ESL in Turkey, and I want to travel to some cool and unusual places. Should I be concerned about safety in Bosnia and Herzegovina?


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    Yes. I would strongly advise you not to go, it is full of Roma, and there is still many who carry firearms illegally, the roads are instable and there is huge political tension. Don't get caught. Be safe = DON'T VISIT!
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    I totally disagree with this statement, it is perfectly safe! For the next time you can check this sites 
  • Travel to Bosnia is usually trouble free. The usual precautions should be taken against petty crimes like bag snatching and pickpocketing, and public demonstrations and protests should be avoided, but otherwise it is considered safe. The country is rapidly developing as a great tourist destination and is a very interesting place to visit. Terrorism is a concern, but that is true of many very popular tourist destinations, including the US and the UK. Check out this short travel guide for Bosnia and Herzegovina to get some idea of what the country has to offer travellers.
  • Yes, you are perfectly safe. Just visit Montenegro or Bosnia-Herzegovina as any other country and you may go there with full of satisfaction..

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