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Will Paris be safe in December?

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In December and January I'll have one-day layovers in Paris, where I've never been. However, I've been watching the strikes and riots in France with concern. Will I be safe in Paris? I know it's still several months away, but I'm worried I may need to stay in the airport for 15 hours out of safety concerns. That would not be fun.


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    No one can predict future but in my opinion Paris will be safe in December as the authorities will take full measures to make it a safe place. In December there are loads of tourists pouring in from every part of the world as it will be a healthy business for them and they won’t lose it.
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    Wow !

    Guy's I'm french and everything is fine here ! I live in Paris and we are used to see american newschanel saying France is almost at war everytime there is a strike but honestly, they are really making entertainment, not information...

    Anyway have fun in Paris and relax :D
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    Will it be cold in Paris in December. I wish to spend Christmas Day there! I will take my English-French dictionary as my travel assistant for I don't understand French. :)
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    Thanks for the comments! I'm not too worried about safety at the moment, I just hope the whole city isn't snowed in! :-)
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