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Is Germany safe for Muslims?

I read with worry news stories about racist and anti immigrant political parties gaining power in germany. I travel for business there on occasion, not recently. I am concerned I will not be safe as a Muslim man in this country when i visit next. I may wear my taqiyah and have trouble? Has not germany learned that blaming problems on one small group is bad? It makes me sad and angry.


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    I'm sorry to say that but actually you don't understand what is going on in Germany with all the muslims and the germans. There is a great, well, hate between both of them. The turkish (muslim) people simply don't want to be any imigrated and just fuck about with the whole system. You won't get in any trouble if you wear traditional clothing at all but no german person will like to see it. The german government just lets everyone into the country and now if you walk through the cities and you are german you feel foreign, because there are just too many muslims etc.
    It's a big problem in Germany, probably related to the WWII. And of course you will be safe, the germans are not a bunch of lions and you are there victim ;)
    absolutely wrong point of view there.
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    Of course it is safe! Even if some people might not like your views, they will treat you with respect. Of course there are stupid and ignorant people like in every country. But you're safe here when you travel. Many foreign friends visit me and no one ever had any problems in our area.
    So, there is no reason to be sad and angry, believe me. There is a big discussion about the turkish community, but the point is about people that live here, but don't like to integrate, Chipmunk is right. But it is not about travellers!!! I guess, nearly every country is the same at that point: friendly to travellers, but critical torwards people that exclude themselfs.
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    Absolutely no problem to travel to Germany - nor as a Muslim neither as member of any other religious or culture!
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    Dear Yusuf, actually, the whole world these days (especially Europe) is a safe and secured environment for muslims. Unfortunately, If you are christian or jew, law keeper etc., these are the muslims who might destroy you life... So Dear Yusuf, no worries for you!
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    I am a Muslim outstationed for 6 weeks at Frankfurt, Munich and Dusseldorf and it was my first time to Deutschland. Not an issue at all. We come to a foreign country, respect their culture
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    I'm glad to hear about the safe environment Germany has to offer to all the visitors. Anyway, is there any mosque or prayer facility in which a Muslim can perform the daily prayer?Thank you
  • hye, which is the largest muslim dominated area in germany
  • Try Google
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