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Best time of year to visit Alaska?

edited October 2010 in North America
What is the weather like in Alaska around July? Is this a good time to visit, if I want to some warm weather and be able to hike around the parks. I have heard that mosquitoes can be a problem at this time of year - is that true? Any other tips or opinions on which month is the best time to visit? Thanks, AK


  • I think summer is the best to visit Alaska.Its an enjoyable time and the weather is very charming in Alaska.Mostly people go to Alaska in summer.I also visit Alaska last year in my summer vacation with my family.We also enjoyed this journey and everyone is in a happy mood.I like Alaska so much.
  • The weather is not always charming in the summer in Alaska, in June for example there can be driving rain . Summers temperatures are around 60F -80F but can be rainer than most places.

    .In Alaska the weather is not predictable even in the summer. Alaska's sky is light nearly all day long from May to July.
    So which towns did you visit Jerry?

  • my friend lives in ALasKa...anytime...AlAsKa rocks!!
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