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Where to go in Turkey - suggestions please

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we are planning a holiday in june to turkey, but i can't decide which resort - Bodrum, Altinkum or Kusadasi. we are an early 40's couple, who love beach holidays but also like varied nightlife ie, not clubs but lots of bars with entertainment. Where do you suggest - where should I go in Turkey?


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    Bodrum & Marmaris would be good alternatives for both the beach and nightlife.
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    Not been to Bodrum or Marmaris, Wou;dn't entertain Altinkum, would highly recomend Icmeler for your age group it's great, The bar staff dance and entertain the customers, you can join in with them if you want, they stay open late. They also do great boozy boat trips from the bull shit bar, i have recomended it to quite a few people and no one has been dissapointed with it, you can also get a bus to Mamaris and other places quite easily as they are not far away,

    Janet ; Good luck with your choice.
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    Icmeler is a district of Marmaris.
  • I have seen a nice hotel in Gumbet - only 10 mins bus from Bodrum. Any comments about Gumbet???
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    WE went to gumbet last year, and had a wonderful time, we are both early 40's and didnt want the night life either. We had plenty of places to eat out and lots to do.we are seriously thinking about going back again this year.
    we stayed at jasmine beach, it was lovely our 12 yr old really enjoyed it to.
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    Gumbet is a lovely place for all ages. Great beach. Bodrum is ok to visit. Avoid Kusadasi at all costs in my opinion.
  • I will recommend you to go to Kusadasi. You can stay on the beach and also you can do day tours for Ephesus, Pamukkale, Pergamon, Didyma, Miletos, Priene, Samos.
  • Thanks for that - booked 11 days at Parkim Ayaz in Gumbet in June - Can't wait!!!
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    Don't go to Altinkum. We went in August 2007 and we were like sardines on the Beach. Very, very crowded and way too hot for comfort.
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    I ave already booked to Altinkum, Turkey, in August there is 6 of us going 4 children ages between 10 and 16. They are asking if there is a water park near by? I want to know if they have markets for clothes etc. Any other advice on where to go appreciated.
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    Myself and partner never miss a year without going to Side. It's further east along the Med coast, one hour east of Antalya airport and Alanya is an hour east of Side. These are the biggest two cites in the area. The town of Side has 2 large (east and west) beaches and one small town beach. To get to the old town, you can walk on Roman marble footpaths. Roman ruins are everywhere - even in the sand on the beach and this makes for an interesting time. Side has some really good restaurants, not many nightclubs and some bars but you may have to look for them down little side streets. It's popular with other European visitors but few British. Last year our hotel room cost 2GBP per night. It was basic, but as our rule is to spend as little time as possible in the room we were happy with the cost! If travelling to Turkey during Ramazan you may find slightly different menus and less activity during the day until sunset. Check out fotos of Side by Google. Pick up details from a holiday brochure or search the web.
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    Ichmeler is a nice resort. Last year was out first trip to Turkey and we really loved the place. Busy without being over run and the Turks in the bars were all brilliant. Friendly without being pushy.
    We went into Marmaris for a day trip and although the harbour was lovely, it was more built up and noisy for our liking.
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    hello former suggesters
    planning a trip to kemer, Turkey
    and was wondering what there is to do out there?
    and where the nearests night life and shoping areas are?
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    We will be going to Altinkum at Easter (hope it's not as bad as it sounds on here!) We would like to visit Ephesus - is this possible? How long would it take? Can anyone recommend a local tour operator to go with?
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    Hi there,
    we have planned to visit Turkey in June this year. We will be visiting different schools & dorms... as we will be joining a school group. Are the dorms a bad place to accommodate in?? Also the places we are visiting is Istanbul, Bursa & Izmir (not sure of the spelling sorry lol)... but are these good tourist places & does it have good shopping malls, activities etc as we will be in Turkey for a total of 10 days?
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    goin to bodrum for first time how easy is it to change travellers cheques or is cold hard cash easier
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    JD - I went to Altinkum with a friend last year (we went to Gumbet the year before) - we went to 2 different water parks whilst staying in Altinkum - cant remember the names of them but 1 was more modern and the other a lot older - both were great - the newer one was better & had aerobics classes in the fountains etc which was fun! Neither were particularly far away from us - one if I remember rightly was about 10 mins away - although I think that was the older one! Book trips with the guys onthe beach or in the shops - the hotels tend to rip you off & the Turkish guys offer deals where you'll get a free trip or Turkish bath if you book a number of trips with them!
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    Don't bother with travellers cheques. Either take cash (you can use sterling in the shops and markets anyway) or open a Nationwide Flex account and use the ATM (with Nationwide you don't get charged for this and you get a better exchange rate).
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    we went to Kalkan - would ecommend 100%

    [Editor: see our Turkey Travel Guide for full information on Turkey including ideas on things to do and see and reviews on popular resorts.]
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    I am spending a week in Turkey with 3 nights and again 1 night in Istanbul itself. I am keen to spend 3 nights at a coastal resort close to Istanbul so I dont lose time travelling. I would like a nice beach and am happy with a backpacker / guesthouse accom. I dont want to go where it is very built up and would like to be able to reach it by bus in about an hour or so. I dont know anything about the coast along from Istanbul - does anyone have any suggestions please - we are 21 and 20 years old but dont need a throbbing nightlife. thanks. Janet
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    Where to go in Turkey? I have visited Olu Deniz, with it's stunning blue lagoon, but don't expect a sandy beach,as it is pebbles, and shingle. Its neighbors are, Hisaronu,not a favorite of mine, but ok if you like the pub & disco scene. Fethiye has a lovely harbor, no beach, but a gorgeous place to visit,with a lovely atmosphere. It is full of shops, bars and restaurants Calis beach, which is a short "taxi boat" trip away, is an extremely quiet little resort, with very few amenities. Kusadasi, was far too cosmopolitan for me, catering mainly for the German tourists, with lots of busy streets, that are overcrowded day and night, with holiday makers. Go there for a bargain on a Friday, as that is the market day.
    Marmaris is more of a "nightlife" resort, and if you are looking for a beach holiday, steer clear, as the beach is narrow,with every inch being occupied by sun loungers,costing around 2.5 YTL £1, each. Times this by a family of four, over a two week stay £52 just to go near the sea!
    Bodrum is lovely, with its restaurants lining the marina. It is also home to one of the seven ancient wonders, the Mausoleum, although it is nowhere near as grand as it was in its hey day.
    Altinkum (meaning golden sands) has three sandy beaches, with a clear aqua sea, that is calm and shallow. The main beach is generally packed solid, but banana beach is quieter, and third beach, a short dolmus ride away from the main resort,is quieter still. There are plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants, that run parallel to the beach, to keep you occupied. All of these resorts are lovely,each in their own way.
    Must see places are Ephesus,& Pamukale, with Cleaopatra's pool at its summit.(this in itself is a gem, with its warm crystal spa waters, that as you step into it, covers your body in a myriad of tiny bubbles.)
    The Turks in general, are affable, and will gladly assist you, but beware, as they will try to hassle you, into eating at their restaurant, drinking at their bar, buying from their shop, or market stall, at greatly inflated prices. Be prepared to barter, and definitely shop around. A firm no, generally does the trick, and there is no need to be rude, as they are only after all trying to earn a living.
    As for eating out, I do suggest that you try the lokanta's (cafes) Iskender kebab's are filling and tasty, kumpair (jacket potato) are cheap, and come with an array of fillings, & don't forget to try the Koft'e (meat balls).
    Finally, relax, enjoy the sun, and a well deserved break from work.
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    we plan to go to turkey in june we have a 3 year old daughter so we are limited would like to take her out at night aswell and not to be back in our room by 10pm but maybe midnight any suggestions? thx
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    I have a holiday booked to torba, I do not want night clubs, I want a nice relaxing holiday.Can anyone tell me what its like in Torba????
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    I am an avid fan of the Greek Islands and love nothing more than peace, quiet, NO high rise apartment/hotels!!! No more than a dozen restaurants or bars! Snorkelling a must and fishing off the rocks! The euro is killing Greece and it is so expensive and i've heard that it is better value for money in Turkey! PROBLEM i don't seem to be able to find a quiet uncommercilaised area in Turkey as yet............ Help
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    We have been to Turkey several times now. Went to Calis first time. Very quiet but now becoming more touristy. We have been to Kalkan several times and would recommend it as long as you dont mind a long transfer from airport to hotel/villa. Not many night clubs but the bars and restraunts are entertaining....some do dancing and encourage guests to join in. Alibabas restraunt (up the hill not down the hill) is really good for food and great value too.
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    Looking for a differnt holiday why not try nthe Turquoise Coast. Loated on the Aegean this area is beautiful and a regular haunt for Brits. Hisaronu, Ovacik, and Olu Deniz are all highly recommended. The area is blessed with good weather virtually guaranteed for 10 month of the year. All resorts offer a vast seection of bars, shops and restaurants and are within easy reach of Dalaman airport journey time taking approximately 1 hour
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    I have recently returned from a holiday in Hisaronu. As a mother of a 17 year old daughter and a 4 year old son, I had to vary my time. The people are very friendly, and though most of the residents try to entice you to buy, as said before, you can always say no.

    However, I found that unless you are a teenager or 20 something, you were not catered for in the evenings - fine if you can put up with the noise!

    The scenery in the surrounding countryside was truly magnificent, as was Nicholas beach - wonderful. Fethiye was beautiful and the waters surrounding it are truly wonderful for swimming in.

    This was my first holiday abroad, and I would go back to Turkey, but perhaps somewhere that catered more widely for people such as myself.
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    just got back from 3 weeks in bitez.beautiful relaxing little place right next to gummbet,cushions,hammocks and beanbags galore line the beachfront all sunbeds are free(just buy one drink from the restraunt that owns them).such friendly people hardly any hassle unlike the neighbouring gumbet.heaven on earth.for trips book with indianna travel and restraunts blue moon,pedesa,amphora,new season and the bitez tavern.
    also went to ortakent which is even smaller and more laid back found alot of turkish holiday there.
    going to try altinkum next year!
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    I reccomend the Hotel Royal Asarlik its amazing me and 3 friends were this year and had a really great time!! the staff and food were goregous and rooms very clean, you also have the choice between to private beaches and the hotel is only a 10min walk along the beach to gummbet its self where theres a really good bar called the atlantis bar where the staff are very very helpul you also have the main shop there. Theres a bar along the front that does entertainment as well! would totaly reccomend it 5 star treatment and the spa in the hotels is good i had a turkish bath i must reccomend that and the boat trips aswell that takes you to camel beach.
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    im going alanya on sunday the 11th can anyone tell me what its llike there, where the best places are and what to stay away from. thanks.
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    I need help I want to go to Turkey this June and not sure where to stay i'm thinking Bodrum but not sure its going to be too busy. If i said Costa del Sol is my worst nightmare should i go to Bodrum????

    I like nice beaches loads of restuarants and bars but don't like the mass Brits abroad, fish n chips/keebab stuff. - am i barking up the wrong street?

    Please help!!
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    I wouldn't go to Kusadasi.
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    When you think of Turkey the first places to come to mind are certainly in the Aegean and Mediterranean.

    However there are very nice places in the Northern part of Turkey as well. Among those are SAROS BAY and ?GNEADA for example. Saros is again on the Aegean (far up north though) and ??NEADA is on the Black Sea, very close to Edirne.

    ?GNEADA is a very relaxing small town (a village rather) with only a few population. It has miles and miles long of clean sandy beach and a beautiful sea. If you want a relaxing holiday ?GNEADA is one of the best places to go for people seeking peace.

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    We are a couple in our late 20's. Looking for a place to go in Turkey that has nice beaches, bars to go at night ( that are open fairly late ) with good restaurants and would be great if there are sights to see in the daytime and maybe markets???
    Not sure if were asking too much, but there must be some places? If you have stayed somewhere possibly 5* All inclusive that you would recommend please post it on here?
    thanks Pete & Jen
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    Hi Just wodering if anyone cn give us some advice. We are a family of four, my husband and I hav two boys aged 10 and 6. We have never been to Turkey but have decided to spend our summer holiday there this year. Problem is we have no idea which area and resort of Turkey would suit our needs!!

    So does anyone have any recommendations for us?

    Many thanks
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    I would say in my personal opinon two of the best places to go to are Gumusluk and Kadikalesi on the Bodrum peninsular. These two bays are beutiful and offer nice beaches and a real taste of Turkey. Both of these bays have excellent restaurants and nice bars. Also they are within easy reach of Turgutreis which has more lively bars. You can also get into Bodrum using the local Dolmus service which runs through most of the night.

    It really depends on what your taste is in a holiday. If you want lively brits abroad, then Gumbet is the place for you.

    Bitez has a nice beach although is very crowded now due to its close proximity to Bodrum town. However Bitez like Kadikalesi is a great place for watersports.

    Akyarlar, is very popular with Turks and has lovely beaches. Very good for windsurfing and kitesurfing. However the Dolmus service is a little bit annoying unless you stay in the centre of Akyarlar.

    There are tons of other bays on the peninsular. If you want to know about them, I can give you my honest advice :)
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    You may get better feedback or more varied feedback posting this on the Turkey forum!!!
    Turkey has a variety of resorts to suit virtually every holiday makers wants/needs. For example the Bodrum Peninsuala has every type of resort imaginable (except maybe miles and miles of sanby beach) from party yet family friendly Gumbet to the far more laid back Gumusluk (one of my favourites, especially as I lived there for a while). There is Bodrum itself while not having a beach is a hive of activity with the Castle as its focal point. You can spend hours wandering and discovering interesting little places or just sit and watch the world go by with an ice cold drink. Turgutreis is a beautiful town on the end of the peninsula which has some night life but not at all in your face and is wonderfully flat! The sunsets here are spectacular looking across the sea to Kos. There's very upmarket Turkbuku where the rich Turkish jetset choose to holiday so not cheap but.......
    Cad I would recommend turgutreis for you and the La Blanche all inclusive hotel. Turgutreis has a superb market on Saturdays. You can get day trips to Ephesus the amazing Greco Roman town - it's a long day but so worthwhile. Dolmus' run from Turgutreis to a lot of places that make a great day out. Gumusluk being one of them and its easy to get to Bodrum by dolmus as well.
    Chelley if you are also looking for AI the WOW (World of Wonders) hotel in Gumbet has super reviews and is close enough to Gumbet to walk into town. The dolmus to Bodrum stops at the hotel gates if you want to explore.
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    Bodrum or Marmaris would be the best options may be.A lot bars around hotels.
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    u have recommended bordrum ,how is it accessible from antalya?
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