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Safest way to travel Australia?

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Can anyone tell me what the safest way to travel Australia is? Is it best to travel on public transport or fly? I'm trying to find a balance so that can see a lot of the country instead of just flying from one major city to another. Are the small towns safe and what sort of crime is one likely to experience? I want to visit Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and the Gold Coast.


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    Australia is one of the safest countries in the world - crime rates are low, and the towns are actually safer than the cities. Most tourists don't encounter any crime, but remember no matter where you go your safety is up to you - of course if you go walking down an unfamiliar dark alley late at night you're asking for trouble.
    Unless you want to be on a bus for a week, you'll have to fly from Perth to the eastern states (check this distance on a world map if this sounds ridiculous - it's a long way). Trains or buses are quite good, but often flying between cities is a lot faster, easier (and sometimes cheaper). Once you're in a city, there are great public transport services out to the local areas that you can use to see more of the country.
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