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Safety in Cambodia

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Can anyone advise on safety in Cambodia. Are there still a lot of land mines in the rural areas? Should tourists be worried about theft in larger cities such as Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. I've heard that begging is a problem, is this true?


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    Cambodia is a dangerous place to visit, and that sense of adventure and excitement is a big attraction of going there.

    Your main dangers are road accidents: Cambodian roads are terrible and the drivers even worse. Mototaxis are lethal in a collision - spend extra and ride in a proper vehicle.

    Landmines are still present in rural areas so stay on the path and heed local warnings.

    Take care late at night in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap when muggings can and do occur. Stay away from hookers and drugs as you really are stepping into a netherworld of crime and victim-hood if you stray there. Apart from these many dangers you will be perfectly safe and happy!
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    Hi David,
    Thanks for your response. It sounds like an exciting destination. Your post has reassured me and I've also found help in the Word Travels Cambodia guide .
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    for someone traveling overseas what can we expect/prepare to travel to a foreign country like cambodia-I have a relative going back to cambodia after a long time of leaving, how safe is it to travel there and alone??how safe are the farm areas outside of pnom penh/seim reap? how trust worthy can people be there-what if something happens what can we expect to be in contact and where to find sources if we don't hear from my relative. can the embassy be contact to check on a traveler and should we have the traveler be reigstered with the embassy. what precaution should we be taking if going to rural areas
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    I will be traveling with my sister to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap this coming March. I would like to know how safe it is to travel especially us being girls. Please give me an advice to what are we expecting when we arrive. Thank you
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    I am hoping to travel to Cambodia from UK in Dec 2011 for 2 week stay with my 9 year old son, would this be a problem for him? Or for me travelling as a single parent? what are we likely to encounter in attitude from locals? Would my sons safety be threatened at any point?
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    @katy - it really depends on where you are going and how you get there. If seeing the major sites, with a tour guide in a private vehicle, you are totally safe. The local people are friendly enough, but they drive quite recklessly so be careful using public transport and crossing roads. And watch out for dirty water as you could get quite sick.
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