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What is Andorra Like?

edited October 2010 in - General Europe
what is Andorra like? It's so small I actually didn't even know about it until a friend told me the other day. Is it like a tax shelter or something? Is it more french or spanish? Or do they have their own weird little culture? I'm really curious now. What is there to do? Is there tourism?


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    Hi Seth,
    Andorra is really tiny. It's mainly known for its duty-free shops and skiing. It's official language is Catalan which is also spoken in parts of Spain (such as in Barcelona). There's limited tourism based on the two items listed above. There's not much else to it - being only 180 sq miles in the mountains!
    Hope this info helps!
    Happy Travels!
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    I also want to add that even though Catalan is the official language, French and Spanish are also widely spoken which is quite natural considering the fact that is between the two countries. It is a tax haven in a way as well. There is no income tax there as far as I know.
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