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Do you have to be catholic to visit Vatican City?

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Do you have to be catholic to visit Vatican City? Can non-catholics go in, or do you have to take communion or something? And is it worth visiting if your not really religious? Is there anything non-catholic to do? Can you even stay there, like is there accommodation or is it basically one big church. Oh and does the pope live there?


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    Hallo bigboi,
    wonder whether these informations will still be of interest to you: no, you don't have to be catholic to visit Vatican city. When you are in Rome you won't even notice that you are in there.
    Everything is definitely worth visiting if you are interested in art and beautiful things. (But even cars are exhibited there: For Vatican Museums and Gardens it is adviseable to order tickets online in advance, as queues are often extremely long. Nearby you will find accomodation easily. St. Peter's Dome is worthwhile visiting and open for everybody. And last but not least: yes, the Pope lives there.
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    Ciao bigboi,
    As answered above -No, you do not have to be Catholic... When you go to the Vatican Museums, there is an incredible amount of art to see. At St. Peter's Basilica, the Pieta alone is worth the visit! Trust me, visiting the Museums, climbing to the cupola, seeing the tombs of the Popes, and walking through St. Peter's Basilica and Square can easily fill your day. Check out this link for some helpful tips on going to the Vatican Museums - Good Luck:
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    Definitely No, I am a Muslim from Middle east and visited Vatican 2 times and I loved the atmosphere.
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    You don't have to be catholic...but NO you can not take communion if you are not catholic! Communion is considered the blood and body of christ - so if you do not believe then you should not take communion at mass! But other then that it is a very religion place, but there are alot of other things to do! I'm going there again in 2 weeks! yay.
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    I've heard the Vatican museums are a really long trek and that it takes hours. I'm hypoglycemic, so will they allow me to bring food into the museums, or are there vending machines or cafes inside?
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    @weredy I'm sure you can pack a couple of muesli bars into your day pack
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    Hi! I'm italian and I live in Rome. You don't have to be catholic to visit Vatican City, you don't have to take communion and you can profess any religion!!! I suggest you to visit Vatican City because there are Vatican Museums, which are amazing!!! Some people live in Vatican city, but there are no hotels there. By the way there are many hotels in the Vatican area (Borgo Pio, Prati, Piazza Risorgimento...). If you want any suggestions please write me again and i will be pleased to answer!
    If you want you can give a look to my web site dedicated to Rome (
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    I would be visiting rome next month. Wanted to know which location would be good to stay at considering I want to cover all the top destinations in rome in just 4 days..Please suggest an area so I can find suitable B&B's. Thanks
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