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Bringing pet on vacation to St.Maarten

edited October 2010 in - General Caribbean
I want to bring my dog with me on vacation to St.Maarten and just want to be sure I have all documents in place. She has just received her pre-departure checkup and has a letter from the vet declairing clean bill of health and all vaccinations up to date as well as heart worm check. Is there anything else we need to do or special government documents necessary for her entry into ST.Maarten? Please advise asap, we leave on Sunday Oct.31/10


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    First, go to your vet and get a USDA veterinary health certificate saying that your dog or cat is in good health. It needs to be issued at the most 14 days before you arrive in St. Maarten.

    Then, you’ll also need a rabies vaccination certificate that shows your pet was administered between 30 days to a yea r before you travel. As St. Maarten is one of the few places in the world that is rabies-free (designated a “Rabies-Free Jurisdiction” by the WHO), the vaccinations are required at immigration. Although all the friends with pets that I’ve talked to have said they were checked for documents, I have heard elsewhere that some people were not asked. If somehow they forget to ask you, please remind them to do so. Rabies has been eradicated from the island for the last 75 years — please let’s keep it that way!
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    Please help, I have a pet that has been vaccinated for rabies in 2010 and that vaccine is valid till 1/12/2013 in the USA however, I noticed that the requirements are for 30 days to a year???? If I have a certificate for the rabies vaccine, which is valid till 2013, is that ok?
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