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edited October 2010 in - Indonesia
Hi all,
Can anyone advise (for an imminent employee in Indonesia) whether the following
is true or simply heresay ?
Quite a few of the 14 Indonesian Public Holidays can and do fall on weekends,and,
employees do not receive days off in lieu to compensate for these ?
Many thanks,
M S Taylor


  • Does anyone have some information regarding the public holidays in Indonesia, and when the best time to visit the country would be?
  • Hi @abctraveller - here is a list of public holidays in Indonesia. As for the best time of year to visit, it depends where you are intending to visit, and what activities you hope to do! Perhaps you could be more specific about those details, and someone might be able to help you from there.
  • right one, I see this list of public holidays in Indonesia. Thank You for sharing
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