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distance from Moscow airport to the city centre

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What is the name of moscow city centre,how far moscow city centre from airports and what would be the distance between svo aiport to dme aiport.


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    I will plan to Moscow in this coming Aug, 09 also taking a trip to St.Peterburg and Sochi
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    To simran

    There is no one name of the center. The city's center is very large (tourists usually talk about Red Square as a center, citizens - Manezhnaya Square - they are nearby). Time for your way from airport to the center depends on:
    1) Airport itselve (there are two main airports for international flights - one on the North, another - on the South), there are different roads to the center.
    2) Time when you arrive (there are really a lot of cars in the city, so if you come in the night - it will be the fastest way to get center, 7-11 a.m. - very slowly, afternoon time - so-so, evening - very slowly.
    3) Way that you choose to get from airport: taxi, railway or public transport including bus or jitney taxi. Railway will be the quickliest way, but doesn't work in the nights. Taxi will be more comfort, but more expensive and city car traffic can waste your time anyway.

    In the night when the roads are free from other cars you can get from Sheremetievo to the center - Manezhnaya ploshad (Manezh square) - in 30-40 minutes. During daytime it is a sweepstakes without any correct answer. May be 2 hours. Railway - 35 minutes (but it goes not in center but in railway station inside the city).

    Best wishes!
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    Hi Simran, There is some useful information on Moscow Airport on this page:
    Moscow Airport taxis
    Visit for destination advice
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    We will be traveling to Moscow in September and arriving at 3 in the afternoon. From previous posts it appears that the metro is the best way to get to the city center. Is this correct? It looks like the metro station is Rechnoy Vokzal. Is this stop close to the airport or do you have to take a bus from the airport to the metro stop? Thanks.
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