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Tourist scams in Malaysia

edited October 2010 in - Malaysia
Does anyone know what the current tourist scams in Malaysia are? Also, how much crime targets tourists and is there a lot of theft targeting tourists in Kuala Lumpur?
I've read that some people take you to hotels and they're not like they look in the picture, and that there are motor bikers that drive passed and snatch your bag - is this true? I've also heard that car theft is really bad in the bigger cities and so you shouldn't hire a car, but what other scams are there in Malaysia?


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    hi.. im from malaysia, maybe here is some answer for ur question,
    1st is about the hotel.. actually u can books online first and when u arrive here u can take the cab to the specific hotel that u already books, so that not quite a problem.
    2nd about bag snatcher, yeah, there are some cases past few years but i didnt hear it nowday..
    3rd about hire a car, even i dont know much about this but i dont realy think u should worried on this issue.
  • Thanks for your advice Nick.
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    My daughter arrived in KL on Sunday 22-May-2011, and had her bag (containing an expensive camera) snatched by a motorcycle on the same day.
    She has travelled to Langkawi today, and the compact cameras of both her friend and her have been stolen from their hotel rooms...

    ...Malaysia seems to be a "special" country.
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