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Safety in Singapore?

edited October 2010 in - Singapore
Everyone hears that Singapore is the cleanest city and all that, but can anyone advice what Singapore safety is like? Especially Safety in Singapore for single female travellers. Does crime exist in the country, are there any scams targeting tourists?Which areas of the city should be avoided and is it safe to walk around at night?


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    Singapore is one of the safest places to visit.You should exercise the same precautions with your money and valuables as you would at home. Be smart and streetwise wherever you are in the world. Pickpocketing is not unheard of, even in super safe Singapore.
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    I will be travelling to singapore soon - what about my prescribed medications? would just the details on the container be enough or do I need a letter from the doctor?
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    depends on what kind of medication. Singapore has pretty strict regulations on medicine. u will need to go see a doctor to obtain prescribed medine
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