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Is Macau safe?

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How safe is Macau? I'm a female traveller travelling on my own and I'll only be arriving in Macau quite late at night, is it a safe city at night and is it easy to find a hotel on the day or will I need to book in advance? If anyone has information on whether or not Macau is safe I'd really appreciate hearing from you. Also are there any tourist scams, I know the rest of China has some scams and sometimes it's difficult to go places unless you're part of a tour group - is this true for Macau as well?


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    If you are arriving late at night it would be better to be booked in. The city is safe enough but can be a little confusing.

    The main attractions for many visitors are the casinos. The other sites are mostly related to the Portuguese period of occupation and are easily visited on foot.
  • Thanks so much, that's great advice.
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    the rest of China has scams? you got things backwards. Macau is a city thats based on casinos. do you know the connection between gangs, and gambling?
  • I lived in China for five years.I know very well about the Macau,It is state of casinos,bars,cafes where all illegal works to be fulfilled like gambling,smoking etc.Its not safe at night especially.
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    Jerry , your post on Macau is not correct. Gambling and smoking are not illegal in Macau in fact a major part of Macau's economy is based on tourism and casino's, its income surpasses Las Vegas. Gambling has been legal in Macau since 1850.

    While Macau is protected by China, it is self ruling, a founding member of the World Trade Organistaion and a member of the International Monetary Fund. Literacy is high and education and healthcare are very good.

    I have been to Macau travelling by ferry from Hong Kong, there is plenty to see of the old colonial town, you can walk about easily and unmolested Oh, yes I had a gamble too!

    Local law enforcement and hotel/casino security work well together in Macau. Pickpockets are about but in general crime levels are low and so is the threat of terrorism
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    I agree with alethia. Macau and Hongkong are both safe places to go. Some my friends, who live  in Guangdong Province in China , often travel to Macau and Hongkong for beautiful scenery and shopping. Hope you have a happy journey.
  • It's pretty much safe if you stay away from people who are scammers. Try travelling without asking help from people who might take advantage of you.
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