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Driving in Taiwan safe?

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Is driving in Taiwan safe for tourists. I'll be visiting Taiwan in a few months time and was wondering if I need to hire a car and driver or if it's safe for me to just hire a car and drive myself around? How easy is it to navigate the roads and traffic in the country? Would it be better for me to hire a scooter rather than a car?


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    I hired a scooter about 4 years ago, as a long time motorcyclist I found it fun in the country a bit hairy in the towns, don't hesitate "go for the gap". Would not recommend driving late at night as I have seen a few drinkers take the wheel. Ride safe, arrive alive
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    I've been using cars/motorcycles/bicycles on Taiwan's roads for nearly 20 years, and the above response is broadly correct. I'll add a few points:

    a) Expect people to run red lights, so always slow down and look, even if you have a green light.
    b) In cities, be wary of people suddenly stopping to let people out or pick people up. Cyclists should be very careful of car doors opening.
    c) Many people cross the road without looking, and do not cross where there's a zebra crossing.

    But if you keep your cool, you'll see a lot more by car or motorcycle than by public transport.

    Steven Crook, author of:
    Taiwan: The Bradt Travel Guide
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    I don’t think you would find any sort of big difficulty driving there in Taiwan. You just need to stay away from drunken driven that you may find anywhere in the world late night. ;)
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