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Vietnam health insurance advice please

edited October 2010 in - Vietnam
no spam or insurance agents please...
i am new here. will be relocated to Vietnam in December.
I have some experiences with health insurance. most of the companies are good.
I got people from manulife, great eastern, all claiming theirs is the best.
now that I'm relocating in less than 6 weeks,
a friend of mine who works there suggested that I switch to pallas global insurance cos of company policies
but I need your thoughts, especially those covered by them, these are their packages

do you think this is my best option? please please suggest other insurance companies that work best for you

I understand insurance today is so competitive that its not the evaluation of the package but the reliability of the company and the people behind it...

The hardest part is starting all over again.
but hey I am excited!


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    Hi Kris,

    I lived in Vietnam for a few months last year. I was only on travel insurance rather than an expat plan and I didn't need to use the hospitals. But why don't you have a look at the site Expat Arrivals. They've got some good articles abut health insurance for people living overseas. Also their guide to Vietnam has a great section on healthcare options in the country.

    Good luck.
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    i think the health insurance advice from my side will be to go for the health insurance because this will be very much useful for you in the future and i believe this will help you go a head with this
  • Hi, um sr guy but I'm a staff of Vietlife service, Agents of many Insurance Company and. I don't force you to buy anything.
    You can buy Life Insurance, Health care insurance, Travel Insurance... if you have need. But, in my oppinion, Health care insurance is the best choice
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