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Is public transportation safe in Estonia?

edited November 2010 in - Eastern Europe
What is public transportation like in estonia? Is it reliable? Is it safe? Is it easy to get around the country, or do tourists generally need to hire a car. If so, can someone recommend a reputable car hire agency? I'm going to be there for four days in June and want to see as much as possible.


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    It is totally safe like in every Europe country. Also you can hire a car and this is trustable service.
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    Yes Estonia is a safe country to travel, you just need to follow simple traveling rules. The public trasportation system is good here but at time it can be frustating. It depends upon your convinience that you want to hire a car or not. I know some reliable car rental companies from which you can hire a car. You can hire car from, hertz,, as they are some of the reputed car rental companies from which hiring a car would be easier and cheaper too.
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    I recently used abex car rental that had a good customer service and was a lot more cheapar than hertz and europcar. I'm going there again this summer and plan to rent from estonia and return the car in latvia. the webpage might be useful for comparing prices with hertz and europcar:
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