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Skiing in Macedonia

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I'm looking for an unusual destination for winter sports and read that Skiing in Macedonia is on the rise. Can anyone give me advice about resorts in Macedonia, accommodation, skiing slopes, snow quality or just general travel advice. What is transport like in Macedonia and if I just flew into the capital would I be able to use public transport to get to the slopes?


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    Hi Sally,
    Macedonia is still an off the beaten track destination - which is kind of nice because it means that you'll avoid the crowds that you'd usually encounter in places like Austria, Switzerland and France.
    Macedonia has a lot of potential though and some great peaks and slopes, and you can keep skiing until mid May because there is still snow then. Zare Lazarevski and Popova Shapka are probably your best bets when it comes to good resorts.
    Popova Shapka is probably the most popular ski resort in Macedonia, it's close to Skopje so you wont have a problem getting there.
    Another great thing about skiing (and snowboarding) in Macedonia is that it's really cheap.
    Hope you have a great time.
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