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Driving To Chile

Hey all!
So after 4 1/2 years of hard studying my boyfriend and i are finally graduating university! neither of us want to jump into work and start real life so we have decided to rent out our home sell his car and everything else we don't "need" but a VW van, packing with our snowboards and swim suits and head on the road for a year to Chile. We have until AUG 2011 to plan all this out and work our asses off for funds. I welcome all the suggestions I can get. What roads to take, what to avoid, things we HAVE to go see, local secrets etc.


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    Are you sure you want to drive to Chile? Although sounds fun and romantic it is really dangerous to drive through most of the South American countries. The other thing is if you break down, good luck in getting towed and fixed anywhere down there.

    Chile is very pretty and there is a ton of stuff to do. Santiago is OK but I found it bit seedy with a ton of people trying to steal from us, they did manage to steal a necklace right off the neck of my daughter. Valparaiso is quite cool and looks a lot like San Fran. Patagonia in the South is spectacular and have lots of penguins and the glaciers are worth the trip down there. I haven't been to the lake district but have a friend going there in a couple of weeks.

    Also be aware that Chile is very concerned about food products coming into their country - they are one the few who haven't been affected by diseases coming into the country from others and are pretty strict, so you have to check into what you cannot bring and declare everything in the van because they will go through it with a fine tooth comb.

    Don't forget that August is there winter....
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    lol chile is a very safe to go to im chilean and i live there ,, though seeing as you speak english youre probably from america so i think that driving all the way down to chile is a bit :/ well seems to risky to go through colombia and all those places cause of the drug things going on so :/ you might wanna consider going by plane .. about the theft thing .. dont wear valuable objects like gold jewelry or hold expensive phones on your hands cause u will get robbed though it all really depends on what parts of the city you are for example the main avenue alameda runs straight through all of santiago starting from the better off districts to the not so good ones ending in route 68 which is a straight down to vi
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    Hi! Most than dangerous, I think that drive to Chile through Southamerica is exhausting! The distances are huge and the weather is mostly hot, so you will feel tired after crossing jungles, deserts, mountains and canyons. I think take a plane is better, and when you get there you can rent a car to discover the region you want. There are several places for car rental and the highways are modern and safe. Besides, the chilean north is really away from the south, so if you want to go further, take a plane to the other extreme of the country, otherwise you'll spend all your trip driving! If you go in august, you can also enjoy the mountain, visiting some great ski resorts such as Valle Nevado and El Colorado . Good luck and have fun!
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    I would like to add few comments here regarding the travel to Chile. Every region of this country has its beauty from the icebergs and turquoise lakes of Patagonia through the chocolate box scene of the lake district and the fertile valleys of wine country, to the dramatic northern deserts.

    Mac Brown
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