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Lone female traveller

edited November 2010 in - Malaysia
I'm planning on going to Malaysia for 2 weeks early next year. I've been really luck to get the time off work but unfortunately my friends are unable to take time off with all this recession business going on. The closer that the trip is getting though, the more anxious I'm getting about doing it alone. I'm planning on travelling from the Philippines to Malaysia and then on to Indonesia for another few weeks. Eeeeek! Am I crazy doing this on my own?


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    Don't be anxious for your forthcoming trip. A lot of my friends have been to Malaysia, Vietnam and nearby islands. I have heard that they have really enjoyed their trips. It is weather that can make your trip enjoyable or not. So make sure to check what kind of weather there will be in Malaysia during your visit.
    Most of the Islands remain close till February due to the rainy season.
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