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Queensland Gold Coast weather in July and August?

edited November 2010 in - Australia
I have been asked to do a home exchange on the Gold Coast in Queensland for 6 weeks, encompassing June, July and August. What weather can I expect? I live in England and these are our best months for hot, sunny weather (usually)!


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    The climate does differ from Northern Queensland to Southern Queensland, but generally the weather here is fantastic all year round. Inland temperatures tend to be a few degrees cooler.
    June through July: These are the coolest months in the tropics. However they are also the months with the least amount of rain, so you'll have the best chance of sitting by a campfire beneath a clear night sky. Temperatures on the coast range from 12-26 C.
    August through September: This is when it starts to warm up again and you'll have plenty of sunny days and a cool sea breeze at times. Temperatures on the coast range from 15-30 C.

    Even though you are going to be in Australia in their winter months you still experience better weather then we do here in the UK during the summer months. Queensland is a brilliant place with so much to see and do. I feel in love with Australia when I travelled there with Queensland being one of my favourite states.

    Have a great time!
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