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Art in Morocco

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Hi All! I am traveling indefinitely to Morocco with my good friend this December and am very excited. we are both in out early 20s and this will be our first time. We will be staying in Agadir with a close friend who was born in Morocco.

I was wondering if anyone knows artistic outlets around that part of Morocco. Is there an art community? And for someone who is into literature and film, any organizations or movie houses that would cater to this?

Also what do modern or westernized young women of Morocco dress like? I understand the general code of dress, but wanted to get a realistic view of how young women dress in most cases in Agadir as it is more touristy.



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    Hi teemo,
    I'm From Morroco ( Rabat)
    For Your question, women here in morocco dress like europeans, however in small villages they dress the traditional djelaba ( but you'll have no problem dressing european there )
    Hope that responds to your question...

    Have a good christmas...

    Best Regards,

    Floupy Media
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    Bear in mind that Agadir is strictly for the tourists, as any art is produced with this in mind. You will see some artisits along Boulevard du 20 Aout (opposite Ramada Al Mohades hotel) where paintings and sketches are displayed on the wall and they will instantly produce reasonably good work for you on the spot; also try the passage way next to restaurant Catanzaro.
    I have not seen any galleries of note although these are likely to be on Avenue Hassan II.
    Essaouira is a very good spot to visit, three hours and 20 minutes by road for an authentic experience of a largely unspoilt Moroccan town.
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