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Visting the Dead Sea in Jordan

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Where is the best place in Jordan to access the Dead Sea? Is it better or worse to experience it from the Jordan side - or is much the same as doing it from Israel? I have heard the Government Rest House is a good base to use - can anyone comment on that and also tell me how much it costs to use for the day? Thanks, Dave


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    David - I've only ever gone to the Jordan side of the Dead sea but from comments heard it seems that is the best side actually. There are quite a few hotels along the sea, many expensive large hotel chains however if you want a day access visit then yes you can use the government facilities. From memory it is JD10 for the day. If you want you can access the beach for nothing a little way up from the tourist hotels but you must be careful and of course there are no facilities. But for my money I would rather stay in one of the hotels even if just for one night. There are showers on the beach, bathroom facilities, spa treatments etc etc. Oh don't I sound like one very spoiled brat!!
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