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Transport from Melbourn airport to St.Kilda

edited November 2010 in - Australia
My plane doesn't land in Melbourne until 21.45, is there any transport to take me to Novotel, St. Kilda besides taxi's?


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    Linvoysey - given that your plane lands at 21.45 p.m. it will mean that you don't actually get through customs, baggage until 22.45 p.m. Unless you are a VIP or in 1st class!! This means that the best, safest and quickest way to get from the airport to St Kilda is by taxi. It's not cheap at that time of night but it is safe.
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    It may be a cheaper option for you to catch the shuttle bus from Melbourne Airport to Southern Cross station, and then a taxi from there to St Kilda. Otherwise you'll be looking at at least a $50 taxi ride!
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