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Transport in madagascar?

What is transportation like in Madagascar? Is it possible to take a bus between cities? Should we rather rent a car? Are the buses and taxis safe for tourists? Can someone recommend a reputable car hire company, or other sources of info? Please help!


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    We would advice you to take a taxi while going to the hotel.There are 2 kinds of taxis in Mada , the one parking near the eirpoet & hotels are expensive but the creamy coloured are bargained.

    lf you want for a company , we would like to suggest you gassitours , then can provide any type of cars suitable for your needs, as well as customized tours throughout Mada.

    We have used this tour company last June2010.Just google at gassitours
    Bets regards
  • For all those travellers out there wondering how to get around Madagascar, with its infamously undeveloped tourist infrastructure, here is a summary of your transport options in Madagascar.
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    Hello Caligirl3,
    My name's Luc and i'm a holiday Panner in madagascar. I at the present time run an inbound Tour Operator called Madagascar Tour Managers.
    You can take "taxi-brousse" from city to another, it's quiet safe as long as you travel daytime. Evoid travelling by night. The only trouble with taxi-brousse is that you can not enjoy very much your should know that landscapes are amongst main touristic attractions in madagascar? So...??
    In my company we also offer a very affordable car rental. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you're interested in renting a good quality car in madagascar.
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