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Jamaica in hurricane season

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Is a vacation to Jamaica in hurricane season too dangerous? I'm planning a vacation for my mom and me. We're going to Jamaica the first week of September 2010. Is this too risky a move, in reference to hurricane season? My mom's a little nervous about getting stuck on the island with a hurricane, especially considering how many there were this year. Is it safe?


  • September is the peak or the hurricane season, however I would not let that spoil my holiday plans. Usually there is ample notice of any hurricane threat and time to prepare or bring your departure date forward. The island is very used to hurricane and is quite resilient.
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    Jamaica has a hurricane season (June to November) and has been hit by some serious storms in the past but generally speaking very few hurricanes affect the island. The heaviest rain comes in September and October but even then the climate in Jamaica is warm and travel can still be fun and rewarding. Budget travellers often choose to travel in the rainy season because it is cheaper. The best time to visit Jamaica, however, is between December and April, which is the peak tourist season.
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