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Safe bars in Riga?

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I've been warned that bars in Riga will scam foreign customers, I was told it's very dangerous. Does anyone know which bars they do this in? I want to know where to avoid. Also, can anyone recommend safe and fun bars and clubs to go to?


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    There are some good out-of-the-way places to go to in Riga - try Route 66 behind the National Theater, TAKA on Miera street, Mojo near the President's Castle and Prieks (only on Fridays at the teahouse on the banks of the canal, a couple hundred meters from the central train station).
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    We did a Pub Crawl with Red Fox Tours this October and it was a lot uf fun. We visited 5 pubs, in each of them had a welcome drink and in total paid 20 EUR for all tour. The best was a French Bar not far from Dome square. In this case at least you`re sure to escape a bad pubs which as I understood they have quite a lot.
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    I was contacted by friendly persons at "Donogans pub" in the "Old-town" who at the end had the purpose to get me in a condition with alcohole/drug so they could get to my creditcard. They used a transaction place called "Brilliant-Nakts klubs" to emty my account for about 3500 EUR. I found a simmular place at the Internet called "Brilliant Club". I have found more people at the Internet who report fraud from this place.
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    Nordmenn p
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    WARNING from other Internet users:

    Brilliant Gentlemens Club
    Baumana 9
    Tlf.: +37 167287815
    VISA signature: Brilliant-Nakts klubs

    Be happy if you still have money at your account after a visit here.

    I have got a transaction overview from DNB bank about an incidente from a weekendtrip to Riga:
    From card: 4925055001453941
    All in local valuta.

    2012-02-11 02:05:10 250,00 LV Acceptet transaction
    2012-02-11 02:54:25 1075,70 LV Accepted transaction
    2012-02-11 03:27:44 795,80 LV Accepted transaction
    2012-02-11 04:08:16 772,80 LV Not accepted transaction (not enough at account)
    2012-02-11 04:09:41 700,00 LV Not accepted transaction (not enough at account)
    2012-02-11 04:10:18 600,00 LV Accepted transaction

    I was not consciously after two friendly people from Donagans pub visited my hotelroom until I woke up at the middle of the day with my Visa-card intact at the room.
    I found it was a problem when I tried to withdraw money the same day.

    Congratulaten to this Club who managed to emty my account for about 3500 EUR. As you see the last transaction was tried severel times until they found an amount the account could cover.
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    Planned to spend two days in Riga - went to strip club, got drunk and they robbed me of passport and $8000 from credit card - avoid this city if you want to party.
    Took me 5 days to leave because I was without Canadian Visa.
    I went to the police and they basically lectured me and told me drinking was a "sin" - I'll never return.

    andrey Canada
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    Brilliant Gentlemens Club have informed the police that one coctail at their club cost 80 LAT. When the total bill for two hours there become about 3500 EUR it means that it’s consumed 30 drinks in a short time without even knowing that you have been there. Brilliant Gentlemens Club can no change their name to Brilliant Scam Factory.
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    Last time friends in Riga gave me a website about restaurants and bars in Riga
    There are really useful information, I like it =)))
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    Just avoid strip clubs. There might be few decent ones, but the best policy is to avoid them all. They are always super obvious - tacky names, half naked/prostitute looking ladies hanging about. Avoid the place. There's plenty of fantastic bars both in Old Town and out to have amazing times in.
    If you can't avoid strip bars, go to another country instead.
  • Hey.In May visited Riga city.So,at friday night went to the Royal Gentlemen's club.Guys,it's awesome place with gorgeous girls.I'm looking forward to come back there as soon as possible.
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    spened three days in Riga, went to strip club, got drunk and they robbed me of $4000 from credit card - i was shocked!!
    I met some locals in the old town,they adviced me the Royal Gentlemen's club.But the cab man get me to the Brilliant club where i lose my money and passport!!!!
  • An idiot and his money are soon parted !
  • Malis, you're hilarious. Hope you had a great time.

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    Guys, there are plenty of amazing clubs in Riga, but avoid Brilliant club by all means! We had a bachelor party, first went to some strip club in old town, it was rather good, but next day taxi recommended us a Brilliant club. It was rubbish, moreover they tried to overcharge us, putting additional cocktails and champagne bottles in the bill. We called the police. The evening was completely spoiled. Police told us that it was the last and only scam place in Riga, which somehow they cannot close down! So, guys, planning trip to Riga - amazing city! But be smart and avoid Brilliant club!
  • I agree, bars in Riga are 'dangerous'. Be very very careful, especially when you like stripbars and even more when you've got the tendancy to get drunk
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    My experience dates from maybe 10 years ago, so when I read the remarks above, I see that things may have changed a little, but then it was quite obvious to me that the old town was a very risky place to be robbed of your money when you like some nightly naughty adventure. And even more.... you don't have to be an idiot, their techniques are refined and probably even in cooperation with the police (who will do nothing at al). One of the things I heard that happened regularly in one bar (Lorde, used to be Groks) is offering you one menu in the beginning and later on a completely different one with very steep price increases. (1500 euro for a bottle of champagne). Before entering another bar I remember I changed my mind because some tourists came outside telling me not to go in because the place was a scam and they were robbed of a lot of money. So back in that time there were several of these shady places.
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