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How to get to Lebanon tourist attractions?

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Hi im planning to go to Beirut, Lebanon.. I want to visit these places Baalbeck, Anjar, Ksara Cave, Jeita Groto, Byblos, Rawshe Rock, & Tripoli…

How do I get there in those places? By cab, train or bus? And how much is the cost if I use cab, train or bus? Do I need to hire a car or is there public transport?

Or how about the daily tour package of the travel agencies there? Can you suggest a trusted travel agency?

Thank you.


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    Baalbek, Anjar can be seen in one day, but you have to plan a whole day trip as they are far from the capital (2 hours). It is better to get in contact with a tour operator for these destinations.

    Same for Tripoli.

    As for the other sites, they are all close to the capital, and you can use bus transportation or cab, to get there. We do not have any trains :)

    A good travel agency I can refer you to is :

    Tania travel:
    or if you like to go offtrack and join ecotourism tours

    There are plenty of other locations you can visit as well in Lebanon if you are searching for cultural sites.
  • Tripoli is easy to get to by bus ...will cost approx $3,000 ll. Rauche is in Beirut & is easy to get to by cab or bus ....depending where you are staying you might find it easier to walk.

    Baalbeck & Anjar is a day trip ....not too far from each other & you can do them both on the same day...we hired a taxi & from memory it cost us about $50 US.

    Jeita is close to Jounieh , half hour out of Beirut & easliy reached by cab....I haven't been to Ksara.

    I would suggest that you include Byblos's approx an hour north of Beirut on the way to Tripoli & well worth a half day .

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