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Visas in Turkey

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Please advise if a client travelling on a South African Passport can obtain a visa on arrival in Turkey.


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    Hi Marcha

    South African nationals can obtain a visa on arrival for a period of three months (multiple entry) provided a valid passport is held. The cost will be approx. R200 depending on the exchange rate at the time of arrival.
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    hi i applied for a visa for america but was refused in my passport i have a stamp which says visa application recieved 20th octber does not say anything else i have booked a holiday to turkey and am a little bit worried about them seeing this when i arrive at the port of entry in turkey. does any one know if this is going to cause me problems
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    I would like to know if I need a visa to travel to Turkey on a Mozambican passport.
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    i am from sudan tell me how can y get visa to turkeya
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    how and wher can a liberian get visa to turkey
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    How many USA dollars are needed to get a visa and can we get one upon arriving at the airport?

    How cool is it the first two weeks in March?

    Whats the currency exchange rate USA to Turkey currency ?

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    Visa to enter Turkey can be purchase by all nationalities on arrival at the airport. Once though customs you will be guided in the right direction to purchase you visa which last for three months.

    Costs around £20
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    Hello everyone,

    It is not possible for all nationalities to have visa on the arrival.The countries which can have entrance visa on arrival (by payment) .
    The ays are also indicated once you receive a paid visa.

    The list is as :

    90 days
    Hong Kong (English passports)

    60 days

    Russian Federation.

    30 days

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    I am still confused really about the 30 day visa sticker on entry into South Africans need to apply at the consulate for a visa, or can the obtain one at the airport in Turkey?
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    We are Indian nationals with Shengen visa (presently living in Slovenia). Can we get the visa (for one day) at Istanbul airport? How much is the visa fee?
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    I am Indian Wish to Travel to Turkey for 1 day. I have got Schengen Visa, US and Russian Visa. But dont have turkish Visa. Can I get Visa on arrival Please advice.
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    Hi, I am an Iraqi, holding a valid Iraqi passport. I live in Iraq but there's no Tunisian Embassy or consulate in my country. How can I apply for a Tunisian visa?
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    Do an indian national living in UK on work permit get a visa to Turkey on airport.
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    Am Ethiopian, i need visa of turkey and i want to come their, cause i cant to stay in a country in more pls help me
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    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey

    All the info on here guys ;-)
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    Hi I am a Pakistani national, I am planning to apply for a job in turkey.

    But i need to join in 2 weeks, what can be the best optimal way to get the visa?

    Please an immediate reply will be more appreciated.
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    Hi I am a German citizen with a green card (permanent residency). Can I get a visa for Turkey upon arrival?
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    Thanks for the info. This is very helpful...
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    As I-m a swiss citizen and I don't need the visa to enter in the Turkey within the 90 days, is it possible for me to go in from the Greece border by Bus or Train to Turkey with my Swiss National Identity Card ONLY or do I need my Swiss passport ?
    Thank you for your quick reply
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    I am an Indian national with valid UK Visa.
    Can I get the visa (for 4 days) at Istanbul airport? How much is the visa fee?
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    Please advice me what is the requirements and visa fees for on arrival turkey visa, there is any condition or every one can be take on arrival visa. This facility for all national, please advice.
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    i am a indian national with residence permit to live in U.K, will i be able to obtain visa at the turkish airport
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    Can a Nigerian Uk permanent residence holder obtain a tourist visa at the point of entry in turkey on family holiday?
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    I am an American woman and met a Turkish man online. We have been talking several times a day via computer and phone for over a month. We both have fallen in love with eachother and even though it has been a short time we want to meet eachother and be married. My question is would it be wise for me to travel to Turkey and meet this man since it is going to be so expensive for him to travel here. I do have some concerns but my heart is willing to do this. Please help in this matter.
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    I am a Kenyan national living in UK. I would like to travel to Turkey for a short visit. Will I get a visa at the port of entry?

    Thanks, Muna
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    Does a portugese passport holder an a british passport holder need a visa for a 2week stay in Turkey?.... and if so can we purchase them once arriving at the airport?
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    Do indian passport holders with a valid UK and USA visa require a Visa for Turkey?
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    Am an Indian national who flew from New York to Istanbul.
    Was really misled by all the posts here as well as the Turkish Embassy.
    As an Indian having valid US or schengen visa or advance parole do not get visa from consulate as it costs more money 60 dollars instead of 20 at the Turkish Border gates.
    This is what happened with me:
    1) People on these blogs scared me that being on advance parole I will have issues as my US visa is expired, what transpired after that was very different.
    2) Landed in Istanbul - As an Indian had to go to Cops first to get a clearance certificate. The cops were very nice even though only 1 knew English. It was quite intimidating to see like 5 - 6 cops looking over your papers. But dont blame them as they didnt seem much aware of an advance parole document. Ultimately their Senior Officer cleared my case. All this took a total of 15 minutes.
    3) I did not go back in the line but went straight to visa counter where it takes exactly 1-2 mins to issue visa which is a paper document for Indians, and a comical sticker for US citizens.
    4) Final security check at Immigration counter and you are in.

    Be confident when you speak and have a smile on your face is my only advice.

    It is a lovely country with great people. Dont let these blogs misguide you.

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    Hi Abhinav,

    Thank you for posting your experience. I am planning a family trip to Turkey from the US - traveling party has the following individuals.

    - 2 US Citizens
    - 2 Indian Citizens living in the US - no current visa stamp - have advance parole doc
    - 1 Indian Citizen living in the US - has valid H1B stamp

    Based on your experience above, I'm hoping that there will be no issue with the 3 Indian Citizens in our party. Can you let me know what airline you flew and also if you have any issues with boarding a flight to the US from Turkey with only your advance parole doc. I have not been able to get any good info from the Turkish consulate but based on your post, it doesn't look like we need to apply for a Turkish visa for the 2 AP holders. I know US Citizens and non-US Citizens with valid US Visas can get a visa sticker on arrival.

    Thanks much for your help.
  • Good day. I am a South African citizen travelling with my mum and sister from Istanbul to Dubai on Turkish Airlines. Who can I make a visa application for Dubai with, as I am not travelling on Emirates which seems to be the only airline you can get assistance with for a Dubai Visa. I also dont trust online companies that only provide you with a mobile number and request payment made into their accounts before doing anything. How would I know if an agent is reputable? Thanks
  • You do not need an agent you can apply directly to the UAE Embassy in Pretoria
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