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Is it safe for my 20 year old daughter to travel in Cuba alone?

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My daughter is in the DR on a term abroad and she wants to go to Cuba but she doesn't have anyone to go with so she wants to go alone. I would like feedback from women who have traveled alone in Cuba. I'm worried.


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    I don't know if this reply is too late, have only just come across it!
    Just felt compelled to write back because I'm 21 and have caught the travelling bug. Whilst i've never been to Cuba alone (i plan to this year coming) I've travelled solo throughout South America for 12 months when i was 19 (including the infamous areas of Colombia and Bolivia) and found that the only real danger is yourself. By that i mean if your daughter is not streetwise and will be wandering dark back alleys at 3am she will get into trouble. It's inevitable and would happen anywhere. If she's got a brain on her let her go, try not to worry too much, she will come back a much more confident and sensible woman. Travelling solo as a woman is at first terrifying, but opens a world of opportunities and she will very rarely encounter much more than a couple of wolf-whistles.
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    You might leave alone, but you will meet people - both locals and other travellers - wherever you go. Unless you are incredibly shy or have a spectacular personality disorder, any solo traveller who wants company will find it very quickly.
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