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My Japanese passport expires april 24 in 2011 and I need to go there soon!

edited November 2010 in - Singapore
My daughter and I are going to move to singapore from chicago for two years. I am planning to move on 11/15, 2010. And, last time I visited singapore, we made dependant"s pass for both of us. But, I noticed my Japanese passport is going to expire April 24, 2011. Can I still go there?

Or, I should go make it asap?


  • hi forum

    im going to move to philippines but my passport expired on january 29 2015 but i like to going on november .. do you think its possible
  • If you're moving there permanently, it's a better idea to renew it before you go. Otherwise your visa will be in an expired passport and you'll need to take both with you when travelling.
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