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Honeymoon in Malaysia

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What is Malaysia like as a honeymoon destination? I'd like to surprise my fiance by booking our honeymoon in Malaysia, but I want to get more advice first. I want a place that will be exciting and also romantic. We both like the beach and we are good at scuba diving, but we'd like a relaxing honeymoon rather than something packed full of activities. I think my fiance would also enjoy things like spa treatments and pampering. Is Malaysia a good honeymoon destination or should we rather go to Thailand?


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    Hi, I'm from Malaysia and I'm glad that you have considered Malaysia as your destination. Beaches are great, especially the East coast islands such as Tioman, Redang, or Perhentian. But right now is the monsoon season and most of the east coast resorts are closed due to rainstorms and sometimes flood. You might want to consider Pulau Langkawi too. There are numerous resorts with spas, and you can watch the sunset here. I suggest Tanjung Rhu Beach. Also, in Pulau Langkawi, you can visit around the island, interacting with its people. There are some cabs which offers a special tour package. Within a given time, usually three hours, they will act as your personal driver and will bring you to several tourist attractions around the Island. You can also cycle here as the traffic is not too busy. Other than that, you might also want to try Sabah. The state boasts several diving locations. I hope it helps. I hope you'll have the perfect honeymoon experience like you wanted! HAve a nice day..
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    Hi I would recomend Thailand absolutely, I have been to both and thailand is far more exciting. Phi Phi island is the most romantic island ever the most beautiful crystal clear waters. Dont go to Phuket its a total waste of time. if you fly into bangkok stay a few days there is lots to see and do, then fly on the local airlines not Thai as they are expensive fly to Krabi and catch the ferry from there to Phi Phi. Ko Lanta is not far from there catch a ferry.
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    Hi there,

    I would suggest the Borneo- It is really lovely. I stayed at Tanjung Aru Beach Resort and it is gorgeous. It is a private beach as well so gives you the privacy you seek.

    The monsoon season in Malaysia is in November-January for the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. You have to bear in mind that due to being a tropical country, you should expect rain falls. I was in Koh Samui with family couple of years back. The beach is gorgeous but I didn't feel comfortable with the people. It was difficult to communicate with the lanuage barrier and we ended up staying in a beach resort run by an european. I would have prefered to have more local touch.
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    If you like beaches & scuba diving why not try Sipadan Island in Sabah, East Malaysia. Only thing is try avoiding coming during Dec - Feb coz it's the monsoon season for most part of East Malaysia.

    Happy Honeymoon!
    Moer Ahmad
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    For west Malaysia, I recommend Pulau Tenggol for scuba diving.

    It's not well known, so it's less touristy and very quiet.

    For east Malaysia, you should definitely go to Pulau Sipadan!
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    Hi we spent 11 exquisite days on Lankayan Island at the Resort there. 11 days with beautifuly beaches, sea turtles laying eggs and baby turtle release, fantastic food, scuba, snorkeling and each chalet is on the beach. no shoes for 11 days was amazing. Malaysian are the friendliest people. We booked through Dive the World and our package included an overnight jungle stay with the Urangatan reserve of Sepilok incl. a night tour in the rainfores and all transportation and a guise at each location.

    One of our best vacations and we have been traveling for 30 years!

    It is every thing it is advertised to be and romantic to no end:

    Enjoy and happy wedding!

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