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Cook Island tourist visa requirements

edited December 2015 in - Pacific Islands
Just wondering, i if want to stay more than 31 days for tourist reasons only in the cook islands, do i need a visa. how do i get this visa?


  • There are online Cook Island Visa Services.I hope know you get out of your problem.But cook Island is really a joy able place.There are many activities like fishing,swimming,camping etc to do on this Island.Its a very lovely place to see.I like beaches and Island from my childhood.
  • edited June 2014
    It is an island paradise and the ideal place for the entire family. I have been visited Cook island a year ago. I have enjoyed a numerous entertaining activities which provide the complete fun. I have also enjoyed the Float parade its a celebration parade. Tourist enjoy this parade and entertain with the music.
  • Hi i just want to know is it hard or easy for an Egyptian man to come here to marry a cook islander?
  • edited December 2015
    It appears to be really easy. No visa is required to enter the Cook Islands

    If the Egyptian citizen is a muslim as he may find things difficult on the Cook Islands which are totally Christian. You would need ato make a civil wedding at the register office.
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