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Women travelling alone in Johannesburg

edited November 2010 in - Southern Africa
Hi! I am planning on travelling to Johannesburg this summer. I plan on volunteering at a well established school in a suburb out of the city for my time there. I also plan on visiting my friend who lives out there. However I am feeling uneasy about travelling alone as I understand the city is not the safest place. But I do plan on being busy in the school and spending time with native south Africans who live in the city. Do people think this is a wise idea? Does anyone have experiences of being in Johannesburg?


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    Hi, I would suggest not. Jhb city is not safe, unless you perhaps know how to protect yourself incase of an armed robbery, highjack or rape.
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    it is quite difficult to answer your question by yes or no. i am also new here in SA and most people even the locals themselves would always advice to be extra careful and not to venture too much especially outside of the city center. but if we are always scared of doing the things that we want to do, then we will never really get much out of life. i think you just have to make sure if the school where you plan to volunteer can also provide you some measure of security while you are staying there. and also some company when you travel around. can they fetch you in the airport, etc? and is there anyone in that area that you trust like a relative or a long-time friend (pls not online friends)? johannesburg is really not the safest place in the world but been there a couple of times also. will there be someone who can accompany you when you roam the city? it is always good to have company and your own transport because public transport is not safe as well. good luck! - [email protected]
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