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Safety in Arequipa, Peru

edited November 2010 in - Central America
Hello, my son has just travelled to Arequipa, Peru, by himself, for a vacation and is now finding he has bit off more than he can chew. He has no experience with travelling, has a huge language barrier and advises by facebook he hates Peru and just wants to come home. Can anybody help me with giving him direction and where to go to get help? Is there some tourist facilities that he can access and someone or someplace trust worthy that he can go to for help? He also seems to be having some trouble phoning home to Canada. Is there anyone out there that can give me some advice on what to tell him? He sounds really frustrated and I think a bit scared.


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    I'm sorry that I read your mail just now and not some months before. Peru is a beautiful country and Arequipa is also a nice city.
    Promperu is the office that can help tourists for anything related to places to visit, hotels, or any direction on the whereabouts in the city or for any other city in Peru.

    By your mail it seems that the main problem your son had was the language, but in that case, and in need of any help, he could go to any travel agency and they could have helped. Hope he's back home safe and maybe in some time he can decide to come to Peru again.
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