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Dual Citizen: SA and Britain

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I need some assistance with regards to what I should do. I have a SA passport and am in the process of applying for my British Passport, I intend to travel to the UK on holiday in the new year and would like to know if I would still need a visa to enter the Uk because I would need to leave and enter SA on my SA passport


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    Jena - you do not need a visa if entering the UK on your British passport. You exit and enter SA using your South AFrican passport but use your UK one for entering ans exiting the UK.
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    Hi DavidF!
    Same thing happens to me. I'm Portuguese and South African. Under SA law it's forbiden to enter SA with a foreign passport. I gather that i can enter and exit EU with my portuguese passport and enter and exit SA with SA passport. Maybe I have no alternative because I can't use my SA passport on leaving EU because I have no stamp that can proove my stay here for a period no longer than 60 days. But, on entering SA, will they not ask to see the stamp (date) on leaving the EU? Is this all legal, 'cause I want to travel without any problems with the authorities?

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    AntonioG - the SA authorities don't care about how long you spent in the EU. They have never checked in my experience of 20+ dual passport entries. As a SA citizen you are legally entitled to dual citizenship, so there is no problem with having both if you enter and exit on the SA passport.
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    AS A SOUTH AFRICAN AND ENGAGED TO A LADY THAT HAS A British passport c how long can i work in the u k and if we like it can how long can we stay

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