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1 day left before I leave for Agadir, Morocco - help needed!

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Hi I would like a plan that would allow me to see as much variety in Morocco as possible (desert / mountains / culture / history). I definitely want to desert trek, surf and sleep overnight in the dessert. I will be travelling this Sunday. The problem is I arrive and leave from Agadir. Any advice greatfully received

1 day - Agadir

3 - Tagazou (surfing - where?)

3 - Anti-Atlas or Atlas? which better ?

2 - Essaouira

2 - Marrakech

1 - Fez

1 - Rabit? Casablanca?

1 - return Agadir

I wanted to go to Dades valley and Saharan dunes - is this possible on the way?


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    You're probably trying to squeeze too much into too few days. Aim for fewer places and see them in more detail in a more relaxed fashion. Also, you might want to pack some seriously warm clothes if you want to sleep out in the desert in November!
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    me and my girlfriend are also going to agadir for 2 weeks and would love some sort of itinery to work to, but there is so much to do.

    we want to experience the traditional side of morrocco and really enjoy the whole experience

    any ideas.....
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    If you want a trip out from Agadir come to Taroudant which I fell inlove with. It is a pretty walled town and much more traditional than central Agadir. I blog about it on
    Other trips could be to Tiznit, Sidi Ifni, Tifrit, or even Essaouira
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