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Currency in Mozambique

edited November 2010 in - Southern Africa
As the rate changes in Mozambique, which is where I want to travel to , I am looking daily at Reuters for exchange rates, but I can only see Rand, not Metica (MZN), unless I have missed it. Is there a reason for this, what am I missing here.


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    i think their currency is mittals.
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    I was in Mozambique last year and I am heading up again in a few days. The conversion is about 4mets to 1 rand. Not to sure where you are from but hopefully you can use that as a point of conversion for your currency.
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    Can I ask which airlines you used, and if you went to Moz, did you fly first to Jo'burg. I am flying from the UK. I think my flight will be indirect, Netherlands..? and then from Jo'burg to Inhambane, near my destination.
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    I didn't fly. The trip was all overland with public transport. I live in South Africa so it's just a matter of a 2 busses to get there. However I know that most flights from South Africa to Moz operate through Johannesburg with the exception of the Durban - Maputo route with LAM. I don't think that international airlines from Europe or the Americas fly to Mozambique as it is very close to Johannesburg and LAM only fly within Africa. So I think the route you have booked through Jo'burg is pretty much the standard way of getting there.
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