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Valid passport for Portugal

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Hi David,

My husband is travelling to Portugal on business in November. His Passport expires the end of December, 2010. I heeded your advice stating that a Passport in Portugal was valid until the expiration date. Today my son called after having check on rules for Portugal and let me know that a passport must be valid for three months after the date of entry. He may have time to get his passport renewed, but I needed to let you know that your info is erroneous and ask that you change it to the correct terms.



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    Hi Donna, where did I post that information? I don't believe I advised anyone that all passports are valid until expiration - however, European Union passports can be used until they expire: "The passport must be valid for three months longer than the period of stay except in the case of countries from the European Union and the European Economic Area."

    The exceptionally reliable UK foreign office advises: "You need a valid British passport for entry to and exit from Portugal. There is no minimum passport validity requirement but you should ensure that your passport is valid for the proposed period of your stay.
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    Hi David we are station in Iwakuni Japan and my sister-in-law will be getting station in Portugal and we wanted to visit them in December what will we need beside our passport.

    Thank you
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    We are UK family with UK passports travelling to Portugal for holiday on 8 July for two weeks (return 22 July). My son's passport is valid until 3 Oct 2012. The Foreign Office Website states that so long as a UK passport is valid for the duration of travel that is acceptable. Please can anyone verify that? Many thanks.
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