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Does it snow in korea in late november?

edited November 2010 in Far East Asia
i'll be visiting korea on november 27. so i was wondering if it snows there. i've never seen snow before and i'm excited about it. :)


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    Korea, along with the rest of Northeast Asia, experiences cold but dry winters. Precipitation is slight, and this includes snowfall. It does snow periodically, and can do so, although it's unlikely, in November. But don't expect much in the way of accumulation, however, even in the heart of winter, unless you happen to find yourself in the more mountainous regions.
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    Yes, it is the country's coldest season in late novermber. The possibility for it to snow is big.
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    Hey, i'm visiting Seoul, Korea sometime in late October. Will it snow then? or should I wait for the month of December?
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    HeY, my birthday is on December 28 and Im wondering if it snows on that day in Korea??
    I was born in Korea and my nickname is Snow...
    I wonder if my nickname is Snow because it snowed heavily when I was born????/
    Please Answer!~~
    And im going to Korea on June the 26th!! Cant wait??
    I live in NZ!!~(Lived here for almost 7 years!! lol
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    hi , im going to Korea in November ( 9 - 17 ) is there snow by that time? Please help me ...
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