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Things to do in Seville

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Hi there - I am going to Seville in the spring with my mother for a few days and am beginning to do some research on things to do in Seville while we are there. I got this info from a friend who lived in Seville ten years ago - has anyone been there more recently who can add to this/ comment?

Here are my top tips for things to do in Seville:

- mosey around the Jewish quarter, it's has pretty little streets that you can get lost in and good eateries
- visit the Real Alcazar (the Alcazar Palace), the highlight of which is its gardens
- Next to the Real Alcazar is the Cathedral which is great to duck into on a Sunday as you might catch part of a service which is always interesting. You can go up its tower for a good view of the city
- down a street directly opposite the cathedral main door is the tapas place which I was talking about. It doesn't seem clear on the map for some reason but am guessing it is on Calle Federico Sanchez Bedoya. You go down this street for about 50 metres and the tapas bar is on a corner always open on both corners wiht large barrels (probably of the local sherry) everywhere in it.
- Calle Betis is meant to be a good street to walk along at night-time as is quite happening, it also has some nice places to eat with great fried seafood on the waterfront (a particularly nice place is on the waterfront just next to the Puente de San Telmo (hopefully it hasn't changed hands))
- If you fancy a day trip out of Seville, go to Ronda (attractions include the bull ring and the ravine) and its surrounding Pueblos Blancos (White Villages) - these are pretty villages high up in the hills where each corner you go round, you bump into an amazing view.

All your help would be much appreciated!

Thanks,. L


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    Thanks for the wonderful tips..I went to all of these places in March!! your gonna have an amazing time - there are loads of things to do in Seville. Also try going to COSTA DE LA SOL. Its mostly a beach environment, but the hotels were amazing! not to mention the great scenery and shops! have fun!
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    Seville is a city for enjoying life and never more than in winter when the weather is mild but the crowds have left making it the best time to tour the city's sights and tapas bars. There are more reasons than normal to visit this winter - the wildly kitsch Plaza de Espana has just been restored - built for the World Cup Expo in 1929 it has 48 elaborately decorated sections, each dedicated to a different Spanish province. The Gothic Cathedral with it's moorish bell tower is being cleaned. The remains of the Inquisitions headquarters, Castillo de San Jorge, were uncovered in 1990 - a museum now stands on the site, an evocative memorial of this relentlessly upbeat city's darker past.
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