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Tourism in Nigeria

edited November 2010 in - East Africa
I want to know more about tourism in Nigeria. What is Nigeria like as a tourist destination? I know that many people travel to Nigeria on business or for conferences, but what is Nigeria like for tourism. The internet and news is full of information about Nigerian 419 scams and general scams in Nigeria - I want to know about the other side.
What are some of the yearly festivals in Nigeria?
Do the larger cities have big cultural festivals?
What are the best attractions in Lagos and Abuja?
Where is the best nightlife in Lagos (or is there nightlife in Lagos?)?
What restaurants can people recommend in Lagos?

If anyone has answers to any of the above questions please post a reply. I want as many unbiased opinions as possible so tour guides and business owners, post replies but please don't try to sell me your services or tours.


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    Dear Sal,
    The best night life in Lagos can be found in Allen Avenue, Apapa and VGC ( VICTORIA GUARDEN CITY ) these are the places where u could find night Clubs. You have EKO LE MERIDEAN, Nicon Nugan and Welcome centre Hotels these are some of the 5 Star Hotels where you could get all type of facilities you may need.Also the longest brigde in Africa that gives a romantic view of Lagoon is also another lovely attraction u ever imagine. In addition there is also night Beach where you could have fun in an open air it can also be compared as Night Club. Is a lovely city with wonderful people in it
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    Ghana have more Tourism than Nigeria.But i love Nigeria ,Nigeria is the country tha is in my heart,thouhg i live in Ghana.Love' Love' love.Thank God.
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