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Abuja Airport facilities

edited November 2010 in - General Africa
Can anyone tell me more information about Abuja Airport facilities. I'd like to know what facilities the airport has. Here are my questions...if you've been to the airport recently then please try to answer any of the questions that you can:
How clean is the airport?
How polite, efficient and helpful are the staff?
Does the airport have parking facilities?
Can you flag a taxi outside the terminal building or is there a pre-paid system?
How much time does it take to drive to and from the airport, is traffic a problem?
Are the money exchanging facilities and ATMs at the airport?
Can I rent a car at the airport?
Is there a left baggage facility?
What are the shops in duty free like?
Does the airport have VIP lounges for frequent fliers?
Do the shops at the airport, or any of the airport services close at a certain time?
Are there hotels close to the airport?
Is there public wifi inside the terminal building?



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    Abuja airport is one of tthe most recent and beaautiful in west african region.Though a little traffic to the main business district and commecial area.IN the airport,there are ATM facilities and shopping centers of any kind.The airport workers are very human but i advise the if there be any queries,always ask uniform men to avoid being a prey to scammers or what we call 419.For cab or taxi info, i own a transport company that is into car rent or per hour service.For general information about getting to Nigeria or doing any kind of businesses,do reach me on email: [email protected] or call +2347063620278.I hope my info will be a little bit helpful
  • Hi, do you know how the duty-free facilities look like and which luxury cosmetics brands are sold there ? Thanks a lot!  
  • well connected to major cities, you are not going to have any sort of problem
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