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safety in Fortaleza & Natal

edited November 2010 in - Brazil
Most of the comments that I've read are about Rio. I am wondering how safe it is in Fortaleza & Natal. I read in a Wiki article that Fortaleza enjoys a murder rate of 35 per 100,000 residents (in my country it's 1), and car jacking is a problem too. What worried me most is the fact that these problems seems to spill out into the tourist areas too.

So what is the experience of others for these two cities?? And, by the way, I can well appreciate the advise of being careful; don't flash cash or valuables, etc., etc. But I'm looking more for people's experience and feelings while they were there. In other words, what was your level of comfort?? Any help or advice would be gratefully accepted.


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    Hi,I visited last year and although my girlfriend ,who lives there,warned me of certain things,things seemed ok.Of course I didn't visit favelas..but these seem to be close by and in better neighborhoods too.
    I just don't like how everything's behind bars and with security..I'm not sure I could get used to that.
    But beach,bars,restaurants...great for that
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