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Thailand visas - 15 or 30 days?

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is it true one can now only 15 days in thailand without a visa


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    Hi Seoise
    Most travellers arriving by air may enter Thailand for up to 30 days without a visa. Those arriving at overland entry points will only be given visa free entry for 15 days.
    I hope this information is useful to you, please feel free to ask us any other questions you may have.
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    So I am planning a trip to Thailand in Late Jan untill mid April.
    Once I have landed for 30 days, I understand I have to leave the country and then come back, so with the new entry requirements, does that mean after that its every 15 days!!!???
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    Kendar - it means if you leave and then re-enter overland they give you 15 days; if you leave and then fly back in you get 30 days.
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    Hi I am thinking of a last minute trip to Thailand and wonder what vaccinations are absolutely essential and which ones I can get away without having. I am also thinking of not getting a visa as I will be there for less than 30 days - are there any potential problems with this?
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    You can fly to Phnom Penh, Vientanne, or Rangoon for example and get additional 30 Days. Trip costs about 10000 Bath on Thai airways
  • You can also take the bus to My Sot in the north from Chiang Mai. This is a day trip into Myanmar and popular for visa runs which will get you an extra 15 days. Check if the border is open when you go as relations between Myanmar and Thailand are always rocky. For vaccinations make sure routine shots are current, get Hepatitus A and B, Typhoid shot, and if in rural places, Japanese encephalitus. Depending on where you go in thaliand you may want to take Malaria meds as well.
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    For the holders of a Candian passport that'll stay in Thailand less than 15 days, they don't need a visa, are there any fees payed upon entry there??
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    Strong advice: check directly with your embassy in Bangkok before departure. There is a little of confusion on the amount of days you get and not even the official Thai government website has got it right. If you check the bulletin boards, some travellers get 90 days, others 15, others 30. Its a mess, really badly done by the Thai authorities.
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    You can take a bus from Bangkok to the Cambodian boarder for overnight stay and receive a 60 day renewable visa. You can use Jack Travel or AT&T (which is cheaper). The cost is 5600THB for Jack Travel and 3400THB AT&T which includes your stay and food at hotel (although boring place to stay!). This price is for Filipino's as my wife just went last week. The same service is available for any foreigners, but will cost a little more. Contact Jack Travel or AT&T.
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    HI Symone
    what if australian traveller ( via airport) is staying 33 days ( booked flights from sydney ) Will there be a problem for this young person when she tries to leave the country?
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    If you exceed the maximum period of 30 days applicable to the Tourist Visa Exemption regulation by staying 33 days, then you will be fined 200 Baht for each day you overstay your welcome. This will be noted in your passport so that if you repeat the offence, then the Thai immigration authorities may deny you entry to the country on your next visit.

    If you're arriving by air from any country which has a visa exemption agreement with Thailand, then the maximum period of stay is 30 days. When you go through immigration, your passport will be stamped with the date of entry and date of exit. So if you arrive on the 10th of December, you'll be expected to depart by the 8th January.

    If you wish to stay longer than 30 days, you should apply for a "Tourist Visa" from the Thai embassy in your own country. A Tourist Visa allows you to stay for up to 60 days and costs 1,000 Baht. You can apply for one up to three months before departure to Thailand. So for example, if you propose to go to Thailand for 60 days beginning 1st November, then you can apply for the Tourist Visa in August. If you do that, but later to decide not to go until 1st December, the visa will expire and you will have to apply for a new one.

    For more info, visit the Thai immigration site @
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    Be aware that visa's durations are dependent on nationality
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    I'm a little confused. I'm travelling SE Asia for 5 weeks. Arriving and leaving from Bangkok. I do not have a return ticket dated before the 30 days, but do have one to go bk after the 5 weeks. So, my question is: Do I HAVE to get a visa sorted ASAP? Or can I merely leave Thailand overland before my 30 days is up, recieve another 15, and go home without fines? I am UK national.
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