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Anyone heard of a place called Franschhoek?

edited February 2009 in - Southern Africa
I am a South African who is glad to have joined this forum :>
Before I start, I wanna ask you guys a question: HAVE YOU GUYS HEARD OF A PLACE CALLED FRANSCHHOEK?
Probably not, because non-south africans only talk about places such as Cape Town, Johannessburg, Pretoria etc.
GUYS..SOUTH AFRICA HAS MUCH MORE TO OFFER!!!!! For example, Franschhoek.
Franschhoek is in a peaceful corner of the Franschhoek Valley, located in South Africa's scenic Western Cape Province.
Its immaculate and breathtaking surroundings calm and soothe the senses.
Although it is only 50kms away from the Cape Town international airport, Franschhoek presents an unique environment for those who want to retreat and relax.
Words can't describe this place, so I urge anyone who are reading this article to visit Franschhoek at least once in a life time.
Just some extra info, if you need more info on accomodation, then visit Klein Genot for more info.
I stayed there...and they provided me with awesome accommodations and services!not to mention all the good wine they produced!
Hopefully you will make it to Franschhoek someday!


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    i am in full agreement! franschoek is beautiful, and there's a great golf course there too...
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    Oops...forgot to mention about the golf courses~ They are magnificent!
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    Franschhoek is also the cuisine capital of south africa - home to the best restaurants and bistros. The setting is also pretty amazing. It is not a budget destination though, so be prepared to spend a fair bit of money to stay in this paradise and feast on its wonderful food!
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    Cuisine Capital! Wow..I didn't know that...interesting!
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