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How can I get a driving license in Oman?

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How can I get a driving license in Oman? I'm going to be on a working visa, and absolutely a novice as far as driving is concerned. Which are the best driving schools in Sohar, Oman? How much will it cost? And how long will it take?


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    Just Cut & Paste the above link for some tips to obtain your driving license in Oman
  • Hi sir I need visa for Oman
  • I have use driving
  • Hello 00971502554388 ,
    I don't quite understand your question? And what is your nationality because noone can give you any information on visas without knowing your nationality.
  • Dear 00971502554388,

    1.) Like most Visa questions in this forum your query is meaningless when you fail to give the most important piece of information: Your Nationality.

    2.) "... I have use driving..." Sorry, I don't what this means.

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