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Safari suggestions for Southern Africa

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we a a couple in our 30's looking to get a safari at the enf of Jan (2011) we're looking for something rustic and ideally some or all horseback as we're both good riders as if that weren't enough we have quite a small budget too! I was wondering if I'd get a better deal if I just got a flight and booked something on the ground when I arrived? anyone got any ideas, we're open to all suggestions but don't want a champagne swilling packages!


  • Have you any preference as to which COUNTRY you would like to travel to?
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    This might be a bit off the wall, but have you thought about Swaziland? You can do horseback safari's at the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary.

    As it's only a day's drive from Johannesburg, you could also combine a visit to the Kruger National Park and perhaps St Lucia Wetlands.
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    Try Lesotho for horseback safaris that will blow your mind and truly benefit the local community. I think Prince Harry did this when he visited southern Africa recently.
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    There's a travel agency who will be able to help you organise for you to go on some safari's and even for some horseback riding.

    The travel agency's name is Felleng Tours and Safari's they've helped me on my travels to South Africa and their service was outstanding.

    If you need to get hold of them you can either phone them on +2783 307 3011 or pop them an email at [email protected] the people you would like to get in touch with would be either Rudie or Agnes Prinsloo
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    You can also book horseback safaris in the Drakensberg region of South Africa, some of them go all the way up into Lesotho but others just go to the border.
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