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Cuban Visa for UK Citizen - Double Entry

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Does anyone know how/if I can obtain a double entry visa for Cuba?
I am a UK Citizen and I plan to fly in to Cuba for 3 days, fly to Costa Rica for 2 weeks, then back to Cuba for 2 nights.
The regular tourist card seems to be valid only for single entry.
Thanks! :)


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    i am planning on a possible 14 night all inclusive break in cuba with my partner how do we obtain a tourist entry pass
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    Hi Ann,
    Which country are you located in? If UK then:

    If you can get to London, the easiest way is to visit the embassy in Holborn. You need a copy of your passport and you need to fill in this visa form:

    The cost for the tourist card is £15 per person, it took about 5 minutes to obtain.
    If you can't get to London you can apply for the tourist card via the post but 'm not sure of the details on this, probably best to call the Cuban Embassy (Tel: 020 7240 2488 weekday mornings only). There are also websites that offer to do this for you but they charge twice the price.
    Hope this helps, have a great holiday!
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